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Meet The Team



Delores Butler

My professional career as a social worker began in Nashville, Tennessee, thirty (36) years ago (in 1978) with the State of Tennessee working in Child Protective Services. Thereafter, my passion took me to the Elam Mental Health Center at Meharry Medical College in 1984. I directed the Children, Youth and Families Services Department, where comprehensive services were provided for families dealing with addictions, abuse, and various behavioral problems. We also provided a therapeutic Pre School for victim of sex abuse and an inpatient unit for adolescents with drug addictions. I specialized in the treatment of child sex offenders. I was a Field Instructor for the University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University. I taught a regular class to the Meharry Medical students on The Aspects of Child Abuse.


I have presented a various professional conferences across the country and some of the presentations include: Legal Aspects of Child Sexual Abuse, Evaluation and Treatment of Sexual Perpetrators, Sexual Offender treatment component of the Child Sex Abuse Project, Working with Adolescent, Assessment of Adolescent and Adult sex Offenders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders in Sexual Abuse, Abuse Survivors, Developing Culturally Competent Programs, Children, Youth, and Families Program and Treatment of the African American Male, and Interfacing African American Families With Problems, and the latest presentation, The Correlation of Poor Physical Health and General Diseases to Depressive Disorders.


That path led me to Tennessee State University in 1997 (Main Campus) where I started teaching the practice component of the curriculum. I continued to provide part-time work as a Family Preservation Counselor (10 years) for an agency that contracted with the Department of Children Services. For the last five years I have provided mental health treatment for adults diagnosed with mental disorders and placed in a Day Treatment Program as a part-time therapist. My work takes me to different venues and provides opportunities for travel. I have had the opportunity to spend five (5) weeks in West Africa (Gambia and Senegal) where some Social Work practice was provided at a school and hospital setting.

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Hannah Washington

Dr. Hannah Washington, MSW, EdD, Executive Creator of WTE Institute is a Nashville native and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Tennessee State University in 2011. She received a Master of Social Work degree from Washington University in St. Louis with a concentration in children, youth, and families and a specialization in mental health in 2012. She is a candidate for a doctorate degree in Education, with a concentration in Educational Leadership, and a specialization in Higher Education Administration and Supervision at Tennessee State University. Dr. Hannah has served in counseling services for 10 years with children, young adults, and families. She is down to earth and tends to use a more modern approach to services. She welcomes any person regardless of their background who wants to grow mentally in a safe environment. She is an expert at working with African American populations, especially African American Women. Dr. Hannah works with all who suffers from Depression, Anxiety, Spiritual, and Trauma Issues.

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