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Unity Building Groups

Group consisting of 4-10 people:

Umoja – Creating unity

Are you striving to achieve an understanding with family, significant others, and or co-workers? This package includes four 90 minute sessions that will be centered around creating unity (Umoja). Unity starts with self, trickles into family and professional life. Achieving collective understanding is a process that takes work because each person has their own opinions, perspectives and personality traits. Building unity among family members, significant others, or co-workers who are different requires patience, dedication, honesty, and a lot of understanding. Before we can connect with and understand people in our lives, we must first accept them as an individual with dignity and self-worth. This means putting aside preconceived notions, judgements, and personal agendas. These sessions are good for family members, friend groups, co-workers, and small groups. Payment for the four weeks will be $60 per person.

Community Building Sessions

Group consisting of 10-20 people

Ujima – Working together to build the community

Have you been wanting to build a stronger community through supporting individual and collective businesses? These Community Building Sessions are composed of a 3 hour workshop, between a group of 10-20 participants. Community Building Sessions (Ujima) focuses on working together and building strong bonds. Learning the importance of working together to solve a problem will spill over into building a better community. Volunteering is the best way to get out of self and focus on helping others. If you know a co-worker or business partner that is burdened with family problems and unable to separate personal issues with work or tasks, we will gently offer help. This workshop is for individual community members/leaders, artists, businesses, religious groups, social groups, and etc. (Insert Affirmation) Payment will be $30.00 per person for the three hours.

Collective Work and Responsibility Conference

Group consisting of 20 or more people

Imani- Working on establishing new foundations with our people, families, teachers, leaders, and community.

Have you been wanting to create new social structures and concepts within society? The Collective Work and Responsibility Conference will conclude of a 8 hour day, with first-hand experience on dealing with conflict resolution. We will train leaders to handle conflict on a daily basis by incorporating the seven principles of Nguza Saba to start practicing new morals and values in society. You will learn: • Strategies: analyze conflict style and explore successful method of dealing with conflict. • Perspective-taking: Develop empathy, social awareness, and mutual respect with others. • Effective Communication: Create non-threatening environments, develop language and tone to find solutions. • Accountability: Learn the importance of taking responsibility for role in conflict. Conference will utilize other professionals that will present on relevant society topics. Payment will be a $40 registration fee, which includes a Certification in Collective Work and Responsibility. Vendors are welcomed during the conference for a $30 vending fee.

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